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NAJA Membership

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

By joining NAJA, the individual appraiser becomes part of a community rich in knowledge and experience.

I know NAJA is a GREAT organization and there is not a week that goes by that I do not mention the benefits of the organization to another jeweler or gemologist. I personally feel that the more members sharing knowledge will help the jewelry and appraisal community, it has helped me. Before I felt like a small boat in a big ocean, now I feel like part of a Navy Fleet.

Mark Villanueva, Member

The National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (NAJA) was founded in 1981 on the premise that the specialized field of gem and jewelry appraising was an area that was long overdue for representation on a professional basis. Also, there was a need for an appraisal organization focused solely on gems and jewelry, which would not be subject to the confusion of diverse appraisal disciplines such as real estate, machinery & equipment, art, household contents, etc. The NAJA was formed as a response to this need. NAJA is, and always has been privately owned since 1981, and is a for-profit corporation. The leadership starts at the top with the Executive Director followed by Associate Directors. We pride ourselves in being highly responsive to the needs of our membership.

The Association’s primary purpose is to recognize, and make available, the services of highly qualified, informed, experienced, independent, and professional appraisers of gems and jewelry to those members of the public requiring such expertise. In addition, NAJA seeks to promote the trademark and professional designations earned by our members and to make available continuing educational materials in order to ensure that they are among the best informed appraisers in our industry.

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Finally, it is our goal to promote professionalism among our members as well as the industry as a whole. All of the above should provide reasonable assurance to the public of the professional skill, integrity, and responsibility of our members.

The National Association of Jewelry Appraisers is the only appraisal association in the United States that devotes itself solely to the appraisal of gems and jewelry and silver flatware and hollowware. All of our energies focus on these, and only these, subjects which are updated with new information as it becomes available.

I think NAJA is such a great organization run by great people and am glad I joined; it was a great move for me professionally. Being a part of NAJA really made me want to “step up my game.”

Yosef Caldaron, Certified Master Appraiser

The National Association of Jewelry Appraisers provides you with:

  • The largest international professional appraisal association exclusively devoted to the valuation and appraisals of gems and jewelry, watches, and the specialized needs of jewelry appraisers

  • Representation on the Industry Advisory Committee at The Appraisal

  • Foundation

  • Unique Bridging Policy which offers credit for previously accomplished

  • accreditation

  • Various levels of membership advancement as you pursue your professional development

  • A network of highly qualified jewelry appraisers with whom to network and share opinions on areas of common interest

  • An Association that recognizes the importance of blending skills, extracting and analyzing data and obtaining information related to questions and issues raised by its members

  • A dedicated trade experienced management who understands the needs of appraisers and is committed to nurturing the professional image of its members

  • An Association devoted to advancing the professional jewelry appraisal industry to new levels of trade and public awareness and recognition

  • An opportunity for worldwide professional contacts

  • Access to experts for every type of jewelry appraisal

  • Enhanced client trust and transparency by an Association that offers the Background Check Cleared Badge

  • Additional membership privileges and benefits

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The NAJA Appraisal Studies Course is very thorough. I have been a member since 1995. Gail Brett Levine and her team are doing everything they can to support, educate, and empower fine jewelry appraisers. As a GIA GG and someone interested in the jewelry appraisal field, the NAJA has what you are looking for. The J in the acronym says it all...JEWELRY.

Shannon K. Germanos, Certified Senior Member

Membership Levels: Certified Master Appraiser (C.M.A.) A Certified Master Appraiser must have met the requirements for "Senior Member" in addition must have been engaged in the practice of writing gem and jewelry appraisals for at least seven (7) years. A Certified Master Appraiser must have successfully completed the NAJA Appraisal Studies Course as well as the practical appraisal examination. A Certified Master Appraiser must have the NAJA Accredited Gem Laboratory. Certified Senior Member (C.S.M.) An applicant for "Certified Senior Member" designation must be previously designated as a Senior Member and pass the Certified Senior Member Examination. This examination consists of a four (4) hour, closed book examination on appraisal theory and methodology, a five (5) hour practical examination in which applicants are required to write a Fair Market Value Appraisal on two (2) items of jewelry to the level required by the National Association of Jewelry Appraiser's Minimum Standards, USPAP and the Internal Revenue Service. Certified Member (C.M.) An applicant for “Certified Member” designation must be previously designated as a “Member” and passes the Certified Member Examination. This examination consists of a four (4) hour, closed book examination on appraisal theory and methodology and a five (5) hour practical examination in which applicants are required to write an insurance replacement appraisal on two (2) items of jewelry to the level required by the National Association of Jewelry Appraiser's Minimum Standards and USPAP. Senior Member As a Senior Member, the appraiser must have a minimum of 5 years of full-time appraisal experience and accumulate a total of nineteen (19) points in education. Member A Member has fulfilled all requirements for membership and has had a minimum of two years experience as an appraiser as well as gemological and/or trade education. Candidate Member A prospective member who does not meet any of the other designated membership level requirements may join the Association as a "Candidate Member." Candidate members are students completing their gemological studies or individuals who may not have enough years of experience or sufficient education for Member level. Such members agree to commit to a program of professional training leading to the next highest designation.


Membership dues and renewals do not vary within the various categories. All categories of membership above Candidate require USPAP compliance. The Appraisal Studies Course was revised in 2015 and undergoes periodic updating and revision due to changes in USPAP, advancements in gemology, and developments in the industry. All categories of Certified Members are required to achieve sixteen (16) hours of continuing education each year to maintain their Certified status. Due to trust and nature of jewelry work, NAJA's policy is to not permit membership for those who have been convicted or plead guilty to a felony.

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Visit the NAJA Website here


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