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Student Spotlight - Sherry Yarnal

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

NAJA's newest Certified Master Appraiser is Sherry Yarnal. When I became Chair of Education, Sherry was one of my very first students. Now she has reaped the benefits of her hard work and dedication by earning NAJA's most advanced credential. We are all so proud of her!

Sherry has had a lifelong interest in gemology and jewelry, even growing synthetic sapphire crystals in her closet to win a childhood science fair, and always dreamed of becoming a gemologist.

She began her career in the jewelry industry in 1985, as a sales associate with JC Penney, and later worked for a family-owned jewelry business managing their showroom. Sherry created a concierge jewelry business, catering to a private clientele, while at the same time earning her Graduate Gemologist degree from the Gemological Institute of America.

Enrolling in the Appraisal Studies Course allowed Sherry to expand her appraisal business and take that aspect of her career to new heights.

As my appraisal practice bloomed, I knew I needed more to live up to the ethics I adhere to. I signed up for the NAJA Studies Course. It was worth the time and money spent. I grew even more confident. I stretched my wings and testified as an Expert Witness for the Superior Court. IT WAS FUN!"

Yarnal Jewelers launched in 2010, with the tagline "where love and jewelry unite," a description which could apply equally well to its founder. Sherry's positive and kind attitude to her clients, her colleagues, and her chosen profession make her a standout member of NAJA. She is dedicated to upholding professional standards and ethics, and to continuing her education in the field of jewelry appraisal.


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